Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends from Around the World narrated by Baba Indaba, the ancient Zulu storyteller
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Book 186 AschenputtelASCHENPUTTEL – A wealth man’s wife passes away and he is left to care for their only child, a daughter. His new wife slowly turns Aschenputtel into a slave who lives in the kitchen.








Book 187 Boyislav CoverBOYISLAV, YOUNGEST OF THE TWELVE – Boyislav, and his brothers go on a quest. He is the only one brave enough to see a quest through to the end when his brothers desert him half-way through. But Boyislav has the last laugh.








Book 188 Gazelle the TortoiseGAZELLE THE TORTOISE – A true tale: Famed author Alexander Dumas buys a tortoise and gives it to a friend. This is the story of Gazelle the Tortoise.









Book 189 Heart of IceA HEART OF ICE – A Royal Couple eventually have a child. They invite all important people, but omit the Wicked Witch Gorgonzola. On the day of the Christening Gorgonzola flies in on her dragon and snatches the child away.









Book 190 Ilmarinen Forges the SampoILMARINEN FORGES THE SAMPO – From the Kalevala, Finland’s epic poem. The story of Ilmarinen who is asked to forge the sampo by Wainomoinen and the consequences of the forging.








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