Narrated by Baba Indaba

the ancient Zulu storyteller.


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Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends from Around the World

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Book 191 WUNZH  Father of Indian CornWUNZH THE FATHER OF INDIAN CORN – A young Native American has a vision which helps him and his people avert starvation.









Book 192 VASSILISSA THE CUNNING AND THE TSAR OF THE SEAVASSILISSA THE CUNNING AND THE TSAR OF THE SEA – A peasant out hunting spies a beautiful eagle with a broken wing. He raises his rifle to his shoulder to put it out of it’s misery. Before he could fire the eagle spoke to him saying “Kill me not, good hero.” And so begins the story and adventures of Vassilissa the Cunning.







Book 193 VIRGILLIUS THE SORCERERVIRGILLIUS THE SORCERER – is born in Rome and is sent to school in Spain so he can one day attend the famous University of Toledo. He discovers magic and becomes a master magician. Read the many stories of magic and adventure he has in this unique tale.







Book 194 WAINAMOINEN AND YOUKAHAINENWAINAMOINEN AND YOUKAHAINEN – Young Youkahainen the singer challenges the wise and great Wainamoinen to a singing duel. Little does he realise the power and magic that Wainamoinen has, especially when he sings. Read what happens when the two finally meet and begin to sing….







Book 195 Yelena the WiseYELENA THE WISE – In this Russian tale, Ivan the peasant joins the army and rises quickly through the ranks. He is ordered on a sea voyage where he is cast adrift by jealous officers. Eventually his raft beaches on a desert shore. Unperturbed at his circumstances, he crosses the desert to the mountains and descends into a crevasse where he meets Yelena the Wise – and then his adventure REALLY begins.