MAY Performance Update

It seems that the Kilauea Volcano eruptions are still driving interest with 3 of our five bestsellers for May being titles which feature the folklore and fairy tales from the Hawaiian Islands.

Closely related to Hawaiian folklore is our #4 bestseller for May – MAORI FOLKLORE, which features 23 Maori folklore stories. Why do I tell you this? The folklore of the Polynesian culture, of which there are three main centres – New Zealand in the south, Hawaii in the north, and the Tahitian group in the east – each separated by thousands of miles; you will find the same legends, told in almost the same way, and with very little variation in names and content.

Creeping in at #4 is a non-Pacific book – Yoruba Legends.


Our top five best sellers for May were:

#1 – HAWAIIAN FOLK TALES – 34 Hawaiian folk and fairy tales – Compiled and Retold by Thos. G. Thrum

ISBN: 9788822801876




#2 – LEGENDS AND MYTHS OF HAWAII – 21 Polynesian Legends – Compiled and Retold by H.M. King Kalakaua

ISBN: 9788827576144


Legends and Myths of Hawaii


#3 – MAORI FOLKLORE, subtitled THE ANCIENT TRADITIONAL HISTORY OF THE NEW ZEALANDERS – compiled and retold by Sir George Grey

ISBN: 9788822806758




#4 – YORUBA LEGENDS – 40 myths, legends, fairy tales and folklore stories from the Yoruba of West Africa – Compiled and Retold by M. I. Ogumefu,

ISBN: 9781907256332


9781907256332-Front Cover


#5 – LEGENDS of MAUI – 15 Polynesian Legends – Compiled and Edited by W D Westervelt

ISBN: 9788827566183





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