It’s good to see Andrew Lang’s Many Coloured Fairy Books beginning to get some traction, in particular THE BROWN FAIRY BOOK which contains 32 Folk and Fairy Tales exqusitely illustrated by H J Ford in colour accompanied by a plethora of pen and ink drawings as well.


In their day, the Andrew Lang Many Coloured Fairy Books outsold similar books produced by the Bros. Grimm and rivalled the compilations of Hans Christian Andersen.


Andrew Lang produced 25 collections of Fairy Tales, the best known of these are the 12 “MANY COLOURED FAIRY BOOKS”, Abela Publishing has focussed on making 8 of the 12 available to you. Why only 8 you ask? Because these are the 8 fully illustrated editions.


In just these 8 fairy books you will find no less than 278 illustrated stories, which are well worth a browse at the URL below