JUST ADDED 4 sets of old and forgotten images to our CLASSIC ILLUSTRATIONS archive which can be viewed at https://shoptly.com/fairytaleimages


The NEW Additions are:


  1. 47 Images and 20 illustrated capitals in Black and White by John D Batten from MORE CELTIC FAIRY TALES compiled by Joseph Jacobs.

Black and white illustrations are ideal for printing off and giving to children to colour in.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://shoptly.com/i/wcf


  1. 11 Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations by ALICEA POLSON from WONDERWINGS AND OTHER STORIES by Edith Howes – 3 in colour plus a complimentary image of the original cover.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://shoptly.com/i/wkm


  1. 6 Classic Children’s Illustrations in colour by GEORGE W. HOOD from THE NORWEGIAN BOOK OF FAIRY TALES compiled and retold by Clara Stroebe

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://shoptly.com/i/wod


  1. 8 Classic Children’s Illustrations by GEORGE W. HOOD from The Book of Swedish Fairy Tales compiled and retold by Clara Stroebe

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://shoptly.com/i/wok