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Eastern European Folklore 5 bookset - BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

Eastern European Folklore 5 bookset – BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL

Ideal for parents, grandparents and lovers of fairy tales and of all things magic!

In addition this is a unique collection for primary/elementary school libraries. 

Herein you will find 5 books containing 84 old Eastern European folk and fairy tales, containing tales of dragons, both magnanimous and evil, tales of princes on their white chargers dashing in to rescue princesses in distress and tales of the little people – the fairy folk that live in each and every fairy tale.

These books were bestsellers when they were first published, some over 120 years ago, at a time when people REALLY DID BELIEVE in fairies. These are tales from the forests and lane-side hedgerows as well as tales of fairy dances, which only ever occur at midnight under a full moon. And then there are tales of how lowly laborers applied their brains to a situation to win the hand of princesses and become kings of kingdoms. Plus there are other tales of how kings, forever protective of their precious princesses, set ever more difficult challenges to those wanting to win the hand of their daughters, who, of course, are the fairest and most beautiful in all the land!

TEACHERS read a page or two from a story at the end of the school day and have your students queuing up to hear the next part of the story day after day.

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978-1-909302-67-9 – Polish Fairy Tales 6 Stories, 192pg Illustrated.

So all-in-all, 84 stories and tales spread across 1,296 sumptuously illustrated pages.

Go, find a comfy chair, and sit back with a hot toddy, and enjoy a change of scenery and a change of pace and be whisked away to a land far, far away where only magical things happen.