narrated by Baba Indaba the ancient Zulu storyteller

Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends from Around the World

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NEW RELEASES – July 09th, 2016

AN IMPOSSIBLE ENCHANTMENT – A King marries a princess but she has a disagreeable disposition and insults the fairies. They steal her one and only daughter. Read how the daughter breaks the spell and escapes from an enchanted castle.

BOKWEWA THE HUMPBACK – an American Indian tale about Bokwewa and how he uses his disability to help his brother.

CAUTH MORRISY LOOKING FOR SERVICE – Cauth (Cath) Morrisy is on employment age and leaves home to find gainful employment. However, we’re sure she was not expecting the adventures she had along the way.

DOGS OVER THE WATER – three true stories from the past about dogs who stayed loyal to their masters even after death, living up to their title of Man’s Best Friend.

FAIRER-THAN-A-FAIRY – The fairies are insulted when a king names his daughter Fairer-than-a-Fairy and spirit her away. Many years later, with the help of others, she realises what has happened and plans her escape.

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