12 Illustrated Children’s Stories from Mother Russia

Retold by RICHARD WILSON, Illustrated by Frank C. Pape

These 12 illustrated children’s stories have been taken from the heart of “Holy Russia.”

From an area that covers the Ukrainian Steppe from Kiev to Novgorod, in the West, to the borders of the Caspian Sea in the East.

Herein are the stories of:
Ilya And Cloudfall,
Ilya Meets Svyatogor And Parts With Him,
Ilya And Nightingale The Robber,
Ilya And Falcon  The Hunter,
The Adventure Of  The Burning White Stone,
How Quiet Dunai Had Brought The Princess Apraxia To Kiev,
The Story Of  Nikitich And Marina,
How The Court Of Vladimir Received A Visitor From India the Glorious,
The Story Of  Kasyan And The Dream Maiden,
How Stavr The Noble Was Saved By A Woman’s Wiles the Golden Horde,
Whirlwind The Whistler, Or The Kingdoms Of Copper,    Silver, And Gold,
Vasily The Turbulent,
Nikita The Footless and The Terrible Tsar,
Peerless Beauty  The Cake-Baker

The stories are further enhanced by the sixteen amazing coloured plates and line illustrations by Frank C. Papé.


We invite you to curl up with this unique sliver of Russian culture not seen in print for over a century; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of yesteryear.




10% of the profits from the sale of every book are donated to charities.

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